Arctic Express Air-Cruise: Greenland’s Northern Lights, 10 Days, Ocean Nova

We invite you to be a part of the most amazing trip you could have in your lifetime. Explore Greenland, one of the most amazing places in the world and witness the enticing Northern lights of the place. Explore not only the place but also its diverse culture and the welcoming inhabitants of the locality. They help you explore the past of the place by giving you first-hand reviews about the traditions and the values associated with the land. The connection of the people with the land and their ancient traditions have been inherited from their ancestors. He most amazing features of this trip include tundra hike, Iceberg-laced fjords and the wildlife of the adventurous Greenland National Parks. Having the opportunity of viewing so much in one trip will definitely be a great experience for you. You can have adventures, climb mountains, enjoy watching the grazing ox and also view the diverse wildlife of the land.