Chukotka: Where Russia’s Day Begins - 16 Days - Spirit of Enderby

The Expedition to Chukotka will be filled with amazing firsthand experience with the fascinating people of the region. You will listen to their extraordinary stories and learn about their deep connection with the land and the ocean. You will be there just in time to celebrate the annual Beringia Regatta and Festival. The locals race whaleboats and Baidara (walrus skin covered boats) and there are also cultural group performances during the festival. Being one of the most colorful festivals in the region, Beringia Regatta and Festival attracts people from across the region. You will get to explore the nature reserve and the World Heritage site of Wrangle Island, which is just north of Chukotka. The island, which is also known as the "Polar Bear Maternity Ward", has a high density of denning polar bears. Natural and Arctic history enthusiasts will find this island to be a must-visit location. The ice retreating further back with each passing summer, and polar bears tend to come ashore in big numbers making it very likely to catch a glimpse of them. It will be a humbling experience to lay your eyes on the expanse of the tundra. You will get to see wildflowers, dwarf trees, brown bears, reindeer, Arctic fox and the lucky travelers also get to watch the wolverine. You will have ample opportunity to explore Wrangel Island and its population of polar bear, walrus and learn its rich Arctic history. The island has a tumultuous history, but it has recently stabilized and taken its place in the Russian Federation. With abundant wildlife and vast natural resources, the island faces significant pressure and climate change is also having a huge impact on it.