Labrador and Torngat Explorer, 11 days, Akademik Ioffe

The expedition involves exploring a series of Canada's historic location along the east coast. This includes some of the Canada's UNESCO World Heritage sites, National Parks, historic towns including a Viking settlement, forts and buildings, mission locations, and ports that are active for over a thousand years. 
The journey will start from moderate temperate climate towards the chilling Arctic altitudes up north. As the voyage continues, you will experience the change that occurs in the climate, vegetation, and the resident species in the region. The seasoned guides will be a great help to make you acquainted with the subtle changes throughout the journey. 
You will get to see the rich cultural diversity of the region. You will meet the local Nunatsiavut communities, see a wide range of species including seals, whales, polar bears, and many species of seabirds.
A special feature of this journey is the visit to the Torngat Mountains National Park, which bears the highest mountains of Canada.  The national park is also the home to the local Inuit people who have a strong spiritual and cultural history spanning over 7000 years.
This amazing journey is filled with the exploration of remote fjords and bays; many of which are accessible only by ships. The voyage will conclude with a sail across the Frobisher Bay