Newland To Iceland

This trip will take you to a route that would go along the shoreline of Newland while giving you a taste of the sites that have been declared a part of the World Heritage by UNESCO in Canada to take you to Iceland while going through North Atlantic.  The trip will start in Halifax to take you to the city which is famous for its French fortress, Louisburg. The other highlights of the trip include visits to the national parks, GrosMorne and Bonne Bay in Newland along with the natural ancient landscape and wildlife in the sites secured as World Heritage. The landscape here is adorned with features such as valleys, cliffs, and beaches that make it truly unforgettable. Explore the natural beauty of Red Bay and the 1000-year old remains of L’Anse aux Meadows an old Viking Settlement, all the while enjoying the whaling history of the area. You get to enjoy a beautiful wilderness adventure at Charming Battle Harbour full of wildlife, history, and loads of icebergs. Finally, after crossing the North Atlantic, you get to enjoy the beauty of Iceland, shaped by the creative powers of nature. And here we will bring our voyage to an end by discovering the natural wonders of Stykkíshólmur, Isafjörður, and Reykjavik (The capital of Iceland).