Cachalote I

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The Cachalote I is a beautifully decorated motor/sailor which offers intimate expeditions through the Galapagos for 16 passengers. Experienced naturalist guides will lead you on active excursions to some of archipelago’s most spectacular visitor sites which are often closed to larger cruise ships, while relaxing in comfort on board.

Cachalote operates four Galapagos cruise itineraries (two 8-day cruises and two 6-day cruises). The 8-day cruises can easily be combined for an all-encompassing 15-day Galapagos cruise.


Standard Cabin
Double cabin with one upper and one lower berth and private bathroom
Matrimonial Cabin
Double bed with private bathroom
Kadene Buchanan's picture
Kadene Buchanan

Nature Focused

I saw a lot of wildlife on this cruise, including sea lions, penguins and a multitude of other land and seabirds. Very helpful guides that taught me a lot about the Auckland and Campbell islands. I had an awesome time seeing nature in its purest form.
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United States

The Cachalote is Amazing!

Not very many other sailers can compete with this ship!
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Matt Smith
United Kingdom

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