Wilderness Discoverer

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As soon as you board this ‘lusty' beast for adventure, your mind gets filled with numerous wandering thoughts. For collecting all those thoughts together and providing you with an ultimate outdoor experience, this ship is a perfect choice. National Park provides a very vivid connection with natural beauty, and that is exactly what this ship offers you too. It has a main lounge with yellow Alaskan cedar placed right at the bar top to allure everyone who passes by. For sight-seeing purposes, there are some accessible public decks that you could use to view a number of dawns and sunsets regardless of the weather outside. It perfectly caters to the nature and demand of adventurists who always want kayaks, hiking equipment, paddle boards and skiffs on board. Even if you are a person who likes to hit the gym every day, Wilderness Discoverer is there to keep up with your ‘land routine’ by offering fitness equipment.



Main Deck, cabins 201-208. Queen or twin beds, private bath with shower and view window
Observation Deck, cabins 310-325. Queen or twin beds, private bath with shower and view window.
Observation Deck, cabins 300-309. Outside entry, queen bed, sitting area, private bath with shower and view window.
Sun Deck, cabins 400-403. Separate sitting area, queen or twin beds, private bath with shower, large picture window with sofa bed/triple.
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Kadene Buchanan

Excellent for exploration

This is not your mainstream cruise. If you want adventure, then this is the ship for you. The room I had was quite comfortable (I went for the pathfinder option), but don't expect a 5-star hotel. It's almost like a home away from home setting with an adventure package included. The food was pretty good and the staff was very friendly. I got to go kayaking, snorkeling and even camping! The scenery was also exquisite and nothing like I've ever experienced.